A sample sentence in Persian

ملتی که کتاب نمی‌خواند باید تمام تاریخ‌را تجربه کند

millat-ê ke ketâb na-mê-khwânad bâyad tamâm-e târîkh-râ tajroba konad

people-INDEF CONJ.that book-[DIR.INDEF] NEG-PRES-read-3sg  need entire-LK history-DIR.DEF experience make-3sg

people that reads no books, has to make through their entire history [again]

INDEF – indefinite

3sg – 3rd person singular

PRES- present tense

DIR.INDEF – direct obj. indefinite

DIR.DEF – direct obj. definite

LK – linker

CONJ – conjunction

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